Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 4UY
2016 London Exhibition

New London Exhibition starting Monday 3rd October and running for 2 weeks. Pall Mall, London, W1.

“I have in my lifetime specialised in portraying animals in particular Wildlife, as I have travelled extensively and in Africa, especially. Nothing beats seeing them in their natural habitat, learning about their highly developed skills of communication and the different interpretations they convey. I have tried to capture their power and magnificence so we can appreciate their vital importance and the very dangerous threats that they increasingly face. Thus “Once Lost….”

The cheetahs are on the decline, especially in Namibia, as they prey on the villagers livestock who hunt them to protect their livelihood, the orphaned cubs are taken in but once there is human contact they cannot be released into the wild again.
In Africa, up to two rhino a day on average are being poached for their horn, elephant for their ivory tusk.
I have also extended this theme to portraying some desert Tuareg and the African tribal Xhosa and Maasai people and touched on dying traditional arts….”

Cheetah Hunting Charcoal on Arches 24 x 45 inches

Rhino Charge! Oil on gessoed paper 15 x 10 inches

Maasi Warrior
Maasi Warrior Oil on Board 16 x 16 inches

Monkey-Washline (1)
Monkey on Kikoy Oil on canvas 20 x 18 inches

Rhino Profile Charcoal on Arches 46 x 33 inches

Bravos Toros! Oil on canvas 40 x 60 inches




A successful London Exhibition 2014 October Pall Mall
Now finished, but some Art Works and Private Commissions are available.

To view some of the pieces at the London Exhibition click here.


“I start the day with a painting in my head. As the work pulls together, slowly …. the magic kicks in. Then I often complete, reflect, scrutinise, sometimes accepting that it is not quite good enough, so start again. Another day begins with a new sketch to draw, a painting to put onto canvas, or maybe an armature to weld for my next sculpture….”

A select variety of Michelle’s Works in various mediums will be the focus for this month’s special 2015 Exhibition in Stockbridge, Hampshire


MICHELLE  PEARSON COOPER has exhibited around the world.

1979 First Exhibition:Charles Young Fine Paintings, Bond Street, London W1.
1980 Christmas Show: Coln Gallery, Walton Street, SW3.
1983 Cadogan Gallery, Pont Street, SW1
1986 Cadogan Gallery, Pont Street, SW1
1994 Palm Beach, Florida, USA
1998 Raphael Valls Gallery, Ryder Street, W1
1999 The Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London W1
2000 The Gallery in Cork Street, W1
2003 The Gallery in Cork Street, W1
2005 Woman’s Society of Artists, Mall Galleries, The Mall, won the Peter Hambro Best Sculpture Award
2006 The Gallery in Cork Street, W1
2008 The Gallery in Cork Street, W1
2009 Galerie d’Art Lawrence-Arnott, Marrakesh, Morocco
2011 The Showcase Gallery, Dubai, UAE.

2014 Pall Mall, London W.1